The city’s competitive edge – or the character that makes people and businesses want to be here - is critical to the growth and the success of the entire region. Boston is a regional employment center that offers job opportunities for city residents and workers throughout the region. Our competitiveness is anchored in the diversity of the people, places, and institutions that make Boston that special place where people want to work, live, and visit. Our prosperity is dependent on growth, and we must leverage that growth to make sure that our prosperity is shared by everyone. Building an even stronger and more inclusive economy will be essential to our recovery from COVID-19.

John’s record:

  • John has decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes, and he understands what is needed for a healthy, vibrant economy that works for all.

  • As Boston’s Chief of Economic Development, John brought more than 140,000 good-paying jobs to Boston and leveraged that growth to create training programs that benefitted residents.

  • John worked to create programs to support the growth and sustainability of the small businesses that anchor our neighborhood main streets.

  • John worked closely with higher education institutions in Boston to create job and business opportunities for students, residents, and businesses.

  • John worked closely with businesses in the hospitality sector, which employs a large number of people of color, to ensure their return from the COVID pandemic.

  • John worked to create “All Inclusive,” an equity initiative that will help Boston’s devastated tourism industry, which is predominantly staffed by workers of color. This campaign also includes a comprehensive plan to re-frame Boston’s tourism industry, by directing visitors to attractions, businesses, and cultural events throughout Boston’s diverse neighborhoods.

As Mayor, John will:

  • Continue to direct capital support and technical assistance to small businesses so they can thrive.

  • Develop programs to create affordable small business space, with specific resources to bolster small businesses owned by women, people of color, immigrants, and other marginalized communities.

  • Find innovative ways to tie linkage dollars to direct job training programs so that Boston residents are ready for 21st century jobs that will be created.

  • Invest in arts and culture, because it is part of the fabric that knits our city together, bringing vitality and life.

  • Work closely with hospitals and higher education institutions to better align PILOT (Payment in lieu of taxes) community benefits with the needs of the neighborhoods and to strengthen relationships between these institutions and our city.


Just as this campaign is a community effort, this policy plan has been informed by a diverse group of residents, policy makers, and community organizations who reflect Boston's ingenuity, passion, and future. In this policy you will see your voice reflected and your neighborhood priorities front and center. I am incredibly grateful for the hours, data, and guidance leant to support this effort. I welcome continued feedback and suggestions from all corners of the city, because I know that policies are most successful when led by the community.
Now, more than ever, I have the opportunity to bring all voices to the table to create a Boston that brings prosperity and justice for everyone.Together we can create a Boston where nobody is left behind.
Thank you for reading and helping to shape Boston's future, I look forward to working with you.