“I believe in the transformative power of public education. It is how we address the wealth gap, social inequities, poverty, and fuel our economy. Every student, in every neighborhood, deserves access to a high-quality, rigorous curriculum that meets their needs from birth to college to career, along with the support that is needed for them to succeed.” - John Barros

As the City of Boston, we are home to the first public school in the country and renowned around the globe as a hub for learning. We have an obligation to give every Boston child a world-class education - from birth to career. Right now, our city has an opportunity to lead the nation once again in educational excellence in the post-COVID era. Every student, in every neighborhood, deserves access to a world-class education that meets their needs from birth to college to career.


As a community organizer, former Boston School Committee member, and experienced partner to Boston’s business community, John recognizes that improving Boston Public Schools is essential to lifting our young people up, strengthening our neighborhoods, and creating a stronger and more equitable city.

  • As a longtime community organizer, John helped to create new schools, youth programs, and community centers in Roxbury and Dorchester.

  • John was the first person of Cape Verdean descent to serve on the Boston School Committee.

  • John has decades of experience engaging youth in community efforts, and creating the types of resources and programming that keeps young people engaged all year round, and empowers them to follow their dreams and make a positive impact on their communities.

As Mayor, John’s plans to invest in public education will deliver on three commitments to Boston students and families.

  1. Every Boston student has access to world-class quality schools and extended campus spaces in their neighborhood from birth to career. This includes new or refreshed buildings and campuses, starting with those in the neighborhoods neglected the longest.

  2. Build strong, seamless ‘Cradle to Career’ education pathways, including internship and opportunity centers, for all students young and old.

  3. Boston will coordinate all of its family support services and initiatives to stably house, provide economic security, health food, healthcare, and safety to all our children and families.



Just as this campaign is a community effort, this policy plan has been informed by a diverse group of residents, policy makers, and community organizations who reflect Boston's ingenuity, passion, and future. In this policy you will see your voice reflected and your neighborhood priorities front and center. I am incredibly grateful for the hours, data, and guidance leant to support this effort. I welcome continued feedback and suggestions from all corners of the city, because I know that policies are most successful when led by the community.
Now, more than ever, I have the opportunity to bring all voices to the table to create a Boston that brings prosperity and justice for everyone.Together we can create a Boston where nobody is left behind.
Thank you for reading and helping to shape Boston's future, I look forward to working with you.