Increasing economic participation is critical to our city’s future. COVID-19 has exacerbated our inequities and made it that much harder for families left in the margins. The pandemic has shown us that local economies matter. We need to manufacture locally; grow locally and package locally. A robust local economy is more sustainable and environmentally friendly, it will also protect us from future disruptions such as another pandemic. Post-COVID-19, we will need to focus more on the neighborhoods of Boston as we invest in the more holistic local economy, creating good jobs and preparing our residents for them.  The opportunities to build a fair and just economy for residents and small business owners is John’s priority. 

John’s record:

  • Before entering a life of politics, John was an organizer who focused on reaching residents who felt their voices were not being heard. It was important to John that community members participate in developing their neighborhood and have an ownership-stake in their local economy. 

  • As Executive Director of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, John prioritized resident empowerment through civic engagement and community planning. He made sure residents had a seat at the table when decisions were being made about neighborhood development and that economic growth did not mean displacement. 

  • As Chief of Economic Development, John co-chaired the “Imagine Boston 2030” planning process that engaged thousands of Bostonians is the first comprehensive city-wide plan in over 50 years, with an emphasis on historic preservation, adding modern enhancements and equitable growth. 

  • As Chief of Economic Development, John partnered with the community to create plans in different neighborhoods that captured the community’s vision and desires for  the future of their neighborhood, such as Plan Nubian Square and the Uphams Corner Arts and Innovation Implementation Plan. John understands what it means as a life-long resident of the city to work alongside, collaborate, and partner with Bostonians and different City agencies and departments to increase economic opportunity for all. 

As Mayor, John will: 

  • Focus on bringing good jobs with family-sustaining wages, including green jobs, to Boston’s neighborhood, while protecting light industrial job centers and supporting the further growth of 21st century jobs.  

  • Enhance economic development opportunities by increasing the use of underutilized local resources so wealth is spent and stays at the local level.

  • Provide leadership to coordinate a political response to economic barriers and economic disadvantages.

  • Secure a commitment from public anchor institutions (medical and health facilities, colleges and universities, financial institutions, etc.) to use their economic buying power to support the economic development of local businesses in Boston.

  • Address neighborhood economic development in ways that are holistic, participatory, and support the cultural, social, and ecological well-being of local communities.


Just as this campaign is a community effort, this policy plan has been informed by a diverse group of residents, policy makers, and community organizations who reflect Boston's ingenuity, passion, and future. In this policy you will see your voice reflected and your neighborhood priorities front and center. I am incredibly grateful for the hours, data, and guidance leant to support this effort. I welcome continued feedback and suggestions from all corners of the city, because I know that policies are most successful when led by the community.
Now, more than ever, I have the opportunity to bring all voices to the table to create a Boston that brings prosperity and justice for everyone.Together we can create a Boston where nobody is left behind.
Thank you for reading and helping to shape Boston's future, I look forward to working with you.