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Investing in Women-Owned Business

I’m Kristen, founder and Managing Partner of Include Web Design, proud Roxbury resident, mother of two, AND I’m John Barros’s Digital Strategy Director! I’m thrilled to be working to elect a Mayor who’s spent his life fighting for economic justice.

I don’t just believe in John’s ability to create change; I know it firsthand.

When he was Chief of Economic Development, he started a new program that offers free technical assistance to small business owners. He encouraged me to bid for the contract, and I won it. John cared deeply about making City contracts more accessible to women and people of color, and he often asked for my input on ways to improve outreach.

John and I had great conversations about how to make Boston a place where more women and entrepreneurs of color can succeed in business. We agreed that when the city opens up again after the pandemic, it would be an opportunity to highlight local businesses in parts of the city that don’t always grace the cover of guidebooks--places like Roxbury, where I live.

Last year, he led the creation of All Inclusive Boston, a marketing campaign to bring Boston’s tourism industry back to life by highlighting attractions in communities of color. The campaign included the largest City contract a woman- and minority- owned business has ever received in Boston. I was thrilled and humbled to have been included in that contract to create the website for the campaign, which reflects the incredible history and vibrancy of the city.

One of the things I admire about John is his sincerity. When he announced his campaign for Mayor, he decided to hire an independent Black woman-owned firm in Roxbury to create his website (AKA my firm!) Eventually, he hired me as Digital Strategy Director. Since I’ve known John, he has been a huge supporter of me and my business, referring us to new clients, contracts and partners. I have no doubt that John will make an outstanding Mayor, and I’m proud to be working alongside a diverse team that cares about economic justice as much as I do. I’m also excited to take our campaign to the next leve

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