As a coastal city, Boston is on the front lines of climate change. It is a serious threat to the health and safety of Bostonians. And given the disproportionate impact that climate risks have on low-income families and people of color, it’s also one of the most pressing social justice issues facing the city right now. As a city known for science and innovation, Boston also has an opportunity and a responsibility to be a leader in developing climate solutions through clean energy advances and green job development.

John’s record:

  • As Executive Director of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, John made environmental justice a top priority. As a part of historic neighborhood revitalization efforts, John oversaw the creation of parks, community gardens, and urban agriculture. He focused on ensuring clean air and water and protecting his neighbors from climate impacts like extreme heat and power outages.

  • As Chief of Economic Development for the City of Boston, he created assistance programs for small businesses that aided local entrepreneurs in making their business operations environmentally sustainable. This included the implementation of a citywide plastic bag ban.

  • As a lifelong resident of Roxbury and Dorchester and the father of four young children, John understands what is at stake, and he is dedicated to taking bold action to mitigate climate change and preparing residents, particularly the most vulnerable, for climate impacts that can harm their health and safety.

As Mayor, John will:

  • Accelerate the City of Boston’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral before 2050.

  • Strengthen the City’s Community Choice Energy program, to increase the percentage of clean energy coming into Boston’s homes.

  • Expand Boston’s public and active transit network to increase bus, train, and ferry service, while increasing the size of Boston’s bike lane network.

  • Plant more trees to improve air quality and combat the urban heat island effect.

  • Set stronger carbon reduction standards for private businesses and large buildings.