Increasing economic participation is critical to our city’s future. COVID-19 has exacerbated our inequities and made it that much harder for families left in the margins. Post-COVID-19, the opportunities to build a fair and just economy for residents and small business owners is John’s priority.

John’s record:

  • Before entering a life of politics, John was a young organizer who focused on reaching residents who felt their voices were not being heard. It was important to John that community members participate in developing their neighborhood.

  • As Executive Director of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, John prioritized resident empowerment through civic engagement. He made sure residents had a seat at the table when decisions were being made about neighborhood development and fought for development without displacement.

  • As Chief of Economic Development, John worked to broaden access to programs and opportunities while focusing on economic mobility for community residents and small business owners.

  • Not only does John know first hand what it means to lead economic development measures in the City of Boston, he also understands what it means as a life-long resident of the city to work alongside, collaborate, and partner with Bostonians to increase economic opportunity for all.

As Mayor, John will:

  • Focus on bringing good jobs with family-sustaining wages, including green jobs, to Boston

  • Enhance economic development opportunities by increasing the use of underutilized local resources so wealth is spent and stays at the local level.

  • Provide leadership to coordinate a political response to economic barriers and economic disadvantages.

  • Secure a commitment from public anchor institutions (medical and health facilities, colleges and universities, financial institutions, etc.) to use their economic power to support the economic development of local communities in Boston.

  • Address neighborhood economic development in ways that are holistic, participatory, and support the cultural, social, and ecological well-being of local communities.