Transportation plays a significant role in the day-to-day life of Bostonians. Whether it is commuting to work, school, or even a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, we need to ensure safe, accessible, and environmentally-friendly modes of travel. Progress in transportation is also tied closely to combatting the climate crisis. Improving public transportation, building walkable neighborhoods, and making cycling more accessible will allow our city to rely less on cars. Improving transportation will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and get us closer to our goal of a carbon free Boston.

John’s record:

  • As Chief of Economic Development for the City of Boston, John served as the Co-Chair for Imagine Boston 2030, the first citywide plan in half a century. Imagine Boston 2030 has aspirational goals in the transportation sector, including the establishment of neighborhood mobility hubs, making the city safer and more accessible for cyclists, and making sure more Bostonians are connected and able to easily travel to job centers.

  • John has been a steadfast voice for investment in the MBTA’s Fairmount Line, because affordable, reliable transit in that corridor has enormous potential to connect people in historically marginalized neighborhoods to jobs. As a result of the advocacy by John and others, the MBTA has committed to additional investment, and John will continue to push for more.

  • John and the Office of Economic Development worked across departments in City Hall to make sure restaurants with outdoor seating have access to portable ramps to ensure the accessibility for diners in wheelchairs. Getting around in our city needs to be accessible for our cyclists, walkers, and residents in wheelchairs, and John will continue to be an advocate for all modes of transportation.

  • John has a strong record for working with residents of individual neighborhoods to find solutions that are the right fit for that part of the city. More than ever, we need local voices at the table to enhance our transportation system to fit the needs of the people who use the roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, and public transportation options on a daily basis.

As Mayor, John will:

  • Work with MassDOT to make continual improvements to MBTA to make sure public transit is accessible from all neighborhoods of Boston.

  • Increase the number of bus lanes throughout the city.

  • Expand Boston’s public and active transit network to increase bus, train, and ferry service.

  • Move the goalposts up of when the entirety of Boston’s municipal fleet will be 100% electric vehicles from 2060 to 2050.

  • Continue working with residents to identify which neighborhoods need to establish Slow Streets in an effort to keep people safe and work toward Vision Zero’s goal of eliminating deadly automobile crashes.