Nearly 60,000 Bostonians have been infected by COVID-19 to date (February 2021), and 1,300 have died. The collective grief our city is experiencing is unprecedented. This crisis shone a bright light on the inequities that make some people more vulnerable to health risks than others. People with low incomes, people with disabilities, and people of color are at the greatest risk of infection, hospitalization, and death. These same groups are also bearing the brunt of the negative economic impacts, including lost wages, unemployment, and shuttered businesses. The COVID-19 crisis touched nearly all aspects of life, and recovery will require a collaborative response across all sectors of society.

John’s record:

  • John has decades of experience as a community organizer, leading major efforts to promote community health. 

  • As Executive Director of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, he led efforts to ensure clean waste management businesses practices, lead free homes, to build parks and green space, and to address substance use disorder, violence, and other health risks in Roxbury and Dorchester. 

  • Since day one of the pandemic, John has been a core member of the City of Boston’s crisis response team. He co-convened the City’s Health Inequities Task Force, which guided the city in addressing inequities in data analysis, testing sites, and healthcare services for Bostonians who are Asian, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and immigrants. Over the past year John has led the efforts to support small businesses and their employees, while implementing comprehensive COVID safety protocols to protect public health. 

  • John grew up in Roxbury and lives in Dorchester, two of the neighborhoods hardest-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and he lost several family members from the virus. John understands the urgency of protecting people and our city from COVID-19. With decades of experience leading large organizations and ambitious initiatives, he has the executive leadership skills necessary to mobilize a major, citywide recovery rooted in equity. 

As Mayor, John will: 

  • Ramp up Boston’s vaccination efforts and continue to support testing and contact tracing. 

  • Direct economic relief into communities and small businesses that were hardest hit.

  • Focus on the impact that being out of school has had on the health and well-being of students. 

  • Address the long-term health issues that have been exacerbated by this crisis, including mental health, substance use disorders, homelessness, and food insecurity.

  • Address the social and economic inequities and the structural racism that made communities of color more vulnerable during this public health crisis, in order to protect them from future health risks.


Just as this campaign is a community effort, this policy plan has been informed by a diverse group of residents, policy makers, and community organizations who reflect Boston's ingenuity, passion, and future. In this policy you will see your voice reflected and your neighborhood priorities front and center. I am incredibly grateful for the hours, data, and guidance leant to support this effort. I welcome continued feedback and suggestions from all corners of the city, because I know that policies are most successful when led by the community.
Now, more than ever, I have the opportunity to bring all voices to the table to create a Boston that brings prosperity and justice for everyone.Together we can create a Boston where nobody is left behind.
Thank you for reading and helping to shape Boston's future, I look forward to working with you.